Getting started

Now that you have completed your initial KWS set-up, the next stage is to build your KWS environment. The recommended steps are:

1. Create your KWS app
In the KWS Control Panel, create your KWS app and configure it for your chosen sign-up/sign-in flow.
Apply your own branding and localisation if required.
2. Set up permissionsLiaise with your Implementation Manager to define and set up the permissions that are required for kids to use your app.
In the KWS Control Panel, view the permissions and apply branding and localisation.
3. Set up webhooksSet up a webhook to send a notification when a user’s permission status changes; i.e. when the user’s parent grants or revokes a permission. This enables you to grant or withhold access to a feature.
Other webhooks can be set up at the same time or later, as required.
4. Build your authentication flowBuild a multi-app single sign-on view that uses the KWS API to enable compliant kid sign-up and sign-in to your app.

Contact your Implementation Manager if you need help at any stage.

Updated on 18/05/2023

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