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KWS support & issue reporting

Where to find information

How to contact us

Whatever your reason for contacting us – a technical issue, a general inquiry, or a request for help – you can use any of the channels listed below. No matter how you contact us, your issue is logged in the KWS Support Portal for your record.

Feature requests and reporting issues

KWS Support Portal
Click here to use the KWS Support Portal. Remember to bookmark the URL for future use.
For details about how to use it, see About the KWS Support Portal, below.
Support widget
You can also raise a ticket from within your KWS Control Panel by clicking Contact Us in the bottom right corner.
Email us
Email us at [email protected].

About the KWS Support Portal

The KWS Support Portal enables you to:

  • Raise technical and non-technical issues relating to the KWS platform. 
  • View issues that you or others in your organisation have raised (login required).
  • Access the KWS documentation (login required).

Submitting a ticket on the KWS Support Portal

To submit a ticket, click the New Support Ticket button. The Submit a ticket form is displayed. To ensure that your ticket is properly handled, please fill in all the required fields (marked with *) .

  • Requester*: Enter your email address. This enables us to contact you and provide you with updates to your ticket.
  • Subject*: A brief phrase or sentence that gives the KWS team an overview of what your ticket is about.
  • Type*: From the dropdown, select the part of KWS you’re experiencing issues with or have a query about. The options are:
    • SSO
    • API
    • Parent Portal
    • Control Panel
    • Other
  • Priority*: Accurately assign a priority level to your ticket. Please be mindful that when you submit a high or urgent priority ticket, our Support Portal sends a ping to wake up any available on-call KWS engineers to review your ticket immediately.

    The following table provides a guide to help you accurately assign a priority level to your ticket and know when to submit a high or urgent priority ticket:
High or UrgentA high-tiered priority indicates that the issue relates to a fault which completely prevents any use of the KWS platform by all client end users or completely prevents the performance of an essential part of the KWS platform by all client end users.
MediumA medium-tiered priority indicates that the issue relates to a fault which imposes serious limitations or restrictions on the performance of an important part of the KWS platform by all client end users.
LowA low-tiered priority indicates that the issue relates to a fault which doesn’t match the description of a medium-tiered priority or a high-tiered priority.
  • Description*: Provide a full in-depth summary of your issue. Your description should contain the following:
    • What the issue is
    • When the issue started happening
    • How to replicate the issue (provide an explicit set of steps)
    • Any applicable links or screenshots (you can add attachments to the ticket)

You don’t need to be logged in to raise a ticket. However, when you are logged in you can view and comment on all support tickets that you and others in your organisation have raised, as described next.

View your support tickets

  1. Open the KWS Support Portal and log in.
  2. Click on the Tickets tab or the Check Ticket Status button. You can now see all tickets you’ve ever raised to the KWS team. This includes tickets sent in via email and the support widget found on the Control Panel (provided that you used the same email address to submit all queries).

It’s recommended that when you create an account with us on the KWS Support Portal, you use the same email address that you’ve been using to submit tickets. That way, the system can associate your account with tickets you’ve raised in the past, prior to making an account.

You can also see all tickets raised by others in your organisation. Note that this feature must be granted to you by a KWS team member. We aim to ensure that this feature is in place for all new accounts made on the Support Portal within 48 hours.

You can sort the tickets by “Open or Pending” or resolved/closed.

Support ticket progress notifications

You will receive an email notification when:

  • there is a substantial change to a ticket you have raised; for example, if the status of the ticket changes or if someone adds a comment.
  • an issue is resolved or closed. The email invites you to rate your experience (1 to 5 stars) with the level of service provided for your submitted ticket.

If you have any comments to add, you will have an opportunity to do so. Your honest feedback is appreciated – it helps us to improve our service to you.

Updated on 23/05/2023

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